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The Spanish Language Outreach Project

An Overview

I. Our Outreach 

Concentric Media's Outreach involves contacting a variety of groups, organizations, and individuals (by e-mail, phone, mail and fax) around the country, inviting you to borrow the films or purchase them at a low cost.  Groups receiving information include:

Latin American Studies departments
Spanish Language television stations 
Local and national Hispanic coalitions 
Libraries with Spanish Language collections 
Women's health clinics which serve Latinas
Community centers that provide educational and cultural events
Campus organizations across the country which serve Latino students

II. What You Can Do

Arrange a screening in your community
  in a variety of settings, from living rooms to schools to theaters.

Help us get the word out about borrowing or buying the programs
  through announcements in newsletters, at meetings, etc. 

Provide us with suggestions of individuals and groups who would like to 
  show the videos, organizations with whom to exchange mailing lists, etc.

Contact the Cable Access Television Station in your community
  and encourage them to broadcast the programs.

III. What We Provide

Our Outreach Coordinator is available to work with you to:
   help set up screenings
   help you publicize events
   produce flyers for your screenings 
   provide additional materials you need

A Resource Guide can be downloaded and printed from our web site 
      (currently in English, will be available in Spanish soon)
   a bibliography
   information on how to organize screenings
   a list of important women's rights organizations 
   suggestions for attracting media attention to your event
   a list of organizations and web sites committed to women's rights 
   information about getting tapes shown on television in your community

A Study Guide in Spanish or English facilitates discussion after screenings.

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