65044, Ukraine, Odessa, French boulevard, 33.
Phone (+38-0482) 33-95-38,
fax (+38-048) 725-03-09.
Cell +38-097-34-08-672
Director of Museum Vadim Kostromenko.

The museum of cinema - a section of
NUCU (National Union of Cinematography)
is located on the Odessa film studio, in an historic mansion.
Before the revolution, it belonged to Demidovoy San-Donato


With more then 10,000 works on display, the museum is a testimony to the history and cinematic activity in Odessa.
Here you can find historic materials, from the invention of cinema, to the postmodern, digital and avant garde.

A popular attraction, measuring 28 square meters, in one room – explores the invention of the cinema (two years prior to the Brothers Lumière!). These films, by Joseph Timchenko, were produced for a survey and demonstration of FMV, and are the first in the Odessa film studios of «Mirograf», «Mizrakh», Borisova, Kharitonova and others. The Odessa film studio produced feature films until 1941, when the Soviet Union entered the second world war. 

The shelves are filled to the ceiling with rarities and artifacts.

Soviet Directors of Photography

Current Archive and Cataloguing Efforts


The Museum offers individual consultation passes for students. In recent years, students have written abstracts on the history of the cinema and the development of culture in the town of Odessa.
They have researched and published an annotated, illustrated catalogue of the films of Odessa (from 1917 for 2004).
A reference book is in preparation about all producers, works and workings on a studio. The Museum monographs are published from Kira Muratova, Vladimir Vysockiy, Vasiliy Reshetnikov, Ljudmila Popova.

The Museum is a favorite among historians and anyone interested the history of cinema.
Our guest book includes entries from England, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, USA, Japan, Hungary, Canada and France.

The museum co-operates with the TV channels «Culture» of Kiev and Moscow and with all large broadcasting companies of Odessa. Many their programs are produced with materials of the Museum of the Cinema.

Work at the Museum is often highlighted up by the Odessa newspapers. 


monument to workers
Monument to the workers of the film studio
Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein
  Head of Museum of the cinema, professor of culture             Kostromenko Vadim Vasiliy Kostromenko Vadim Vasiliy

Note: This site hosted by Concentric Media. In December, 2009, EMMY-Winning, Oscar Nominated Director Dorothy Fadiman, of Concentric Media, toured Ukraine and Russia, showing films, speaking at workshops and studying the history of film. She was greatly impressed with the collection of materials on display at the Museum of the Cinema. Since then, Dorthy has been working with the museum to increase
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