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The outreach to support television broadcasts of the Trilogy: WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL, FROM DANGER to DIGNITY, and THE FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE has gone well. We completed one round of broadcast outreach, and will be doing another round of outreach in January, 2000.  PBS, Cable Access TV and other event dates throughout 2000 will be announced on our web site.

Current Television Broadcasts

Please bookmark this page and check back. Future broadcast dates will be announced on our web site as they are scheduled.

Previous Television Broadcasts

The following is a partial listing of television broadcasts of the Trilogy in 1998.


  • San Diego, KPBS TV (619) 594-6983 -
    • Broadcasts scheduled
      Entire Trilogy - March 1998
      Broadcasts scheduled in 1998
      Denver PBS affiliate KBDI aired all three films in January:
      When Abortion Was Illegal - Jan. 21 @ 9 pm
      From Danger to Dignity - Jan. 26 @ 8 pm
      The Fragile Promise of Choice - Jan. 28 @ 7 pm
      Broadcasts scheduled
      Statewide stations aired the series in April and May 1998.
    • Olympia, KSPS-TV January 1998 through April 1998.

    • The Trilogy was scheduled for broadcast ten times(!) on TCTV, Olympia Cable Access. These broadcasts were sponsored by the Radical Alternative Media Project (RAMP), a subgroup of the Olympia Political Cultural Center. Call Pat or Wendy (360) 705-2726 
    Fourteen other PBS broadcasts were completed in early January, 1998, including an unscheduled one that appeared unexpectedly in Tulsa OK in a time slot when an Alzheimer's Special was listed in the program. 

    Stations to thank who broadcast in early January, 1998 include:

      Nebraska ETV - (402) 472-1785
      Plattsburgh, NY - WCFE (518) 563-9770
      San Mateo, CA - KCSM TV (415) 574-6586 
      Redding, CA - KIXE (916) 243-5493 
      San Jose, CA - KTEH (408) 437-5454
      Oklahoma ETV - (405) 848-8501
    Especially write Bill Thrash, 7403 N Kelley Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73113. He was brave and showed THE FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE! In general, following local broadcasts, do call or write your station to thank them for having the courage to televise these programs. 

    Be a Local Broadcast Volunteer

    Do you want to be a Local Broadcast Volunteer? If a PBS station says “yes,” volunteers will help get the word out, if “no,” they immediately get to work with Cable Access. For Cable Access broadcasts, the videos are available for loan or purchase (free on loan, or $69 if you can buy them). Contact

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