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Resource Guide
  Promotional Materials

Our Resource Action Guide is available online or can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word or text file. The guide includes:

Get the Word Out
Publicize (details, examples)
Provide Resource Contacts

Working with the Media
Reporters (introductiondetails)
Local Stories/"Hooks" (introduction, details)
Media Advisories/Invite Reporters (introduction, details & examples)
Letters to the Editor (introduction, examples)

Guide to Support Materials
To support outreach for broadcasts, home viewings or public screenings
Press checklist
Press "hooks"

Sample media advisory
Sample letter to the editor
Sample announcement for your newsletter

The following materials are available to download as PDFs:

Four Full Page Master Flyers (one 8.5 x 11 poster for each video, one for the Trilogy) to be used to announce screenings and broadcasts. 

  • Master Flyer for the Trilogy:  From the Back Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond (PDF: 20 KB) 
  • Master Flyer for The Fragile Promise of Choice (PDF: 22 KB) 
  • Master Flyer for From Danger to Dignity (PDF: 35 KB) 
  • Master Flyer for When Abortion Was Illegal (PDF: 35 KB) 
Note: all master flyers have space for you to hand-write or print out and paste in the specifics (date, time, location, etc.) of your own event or area broadcast before you photocopy and post or distribute copies.

Four Master Sheets of Handbills (four sheets - one sheet for each video, one for the Trilogy, and four handbills to a sheet) Choose the appropriate video title(s), add your information to each of the four empty boxes, photo-copy, cut in four, and hand out to individuals such as:  the clients who come to a clinic for services; students in classes such as women's studies course; leave on tables and counters so they can be picked up, etc.

  • Handbill for the Trilogy: From the Back Alleys to the Supreme Court & Beyond (PDF: 17 KB) 
  • Handbill for The Fragile Promise of Choice (PDF: 19 KB) 
  • Handbill for From Danger to Dignity (PDF: 12 KB) 
  • Handbill for When Abortion Was Illegal (PDF: 33 KB) 
Three-Fold Flyer (PDF: 38 KB)
A mailer to send out to your mailing list to advertise a broadcast, a VHS screening event, or a house party.  Paste your information over the guides on the sheet.  Add your own announcement or copy a master flyer on the reverse side of the sheet.

Publicity Logos (PDF: 66 KB)
Three sizes for each video and two for the Trilogy, which can be enlarged or reduced, cut out and added to your own flyers or other publicity materials.

Video Tape Order Forms (PDF: 12 KB)
Photocopy both sides back to back and cut in half.  Each order form will then be a half page, two-sided handout.  You can make these available at your events and house parties.

Sample Program
A completed event program to give you ideas from which you can design your own program to hand out at a large event. 

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