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Abortion in the US Today


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Dorothy's Making of

While I was making From DANGER to DIGNITY, legislation restricting access to reproductive health care, especially abortion services, increased steadily state by state. Attacks on doctors and clinics escalated: arsons, clinic bombings, and then, tragically, the murders. I realized that having already spent three years documenting the history of abortion rights - the back alley days and the decade long fight to change the laws - I had a responsibility to complete what I had begun. Thus, I decided to produce a third documentary, The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE. As I was making this film, with each story, my respect for the dedicated clinic workers, my admiration for the courageous doctors providing abortions, and my compassion for the vulnerable women they serve, deepened. Regretfully, the situation today is becoming steadily more difficult for women who need care, and for those who serve them.


The following resources document the steady erosion of reproductive rights today and suggest what actions you can take.

Get the Facts! These links are a great resource for finding up-to-date statistics and information on the threats to Reproductive Rights in the U.S

These websites are among the best sources for facts, research, and news on reproductive rights:
Guttmacher Institute
ReWire News Group (RNG, formerly RH Reality Check)
Planned Parenthood Action
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Specific pages and documents:


Full script for The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE - pdf or Word doc


"Shows the very real danger of losing abortion rights. Excellent information and production quality."

"..absolutely passionate, but low-key...lets the emotional power build all by itself..."
HENRY HOWARD The Body Politic

Choice at Risk: A Campaign


is linked to
a toolkit:

Choice At Risk

A video toolkit of resources including 25 clips,
7 shorts and a 15 page action guide.
Choice at Risk - Spanish version


The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE is a compelling documentary which examines the erosion of abortion rights and access in the U.S. today. Medical and surgical abortions are still technically legal and available in most states. However, safe legal procedures still remain out of reach for many women. Cost factors, travel distance, and strict legislation create barriers to access, particularly for low-income women.
Intimate interviews with abortion providers, clinic workers, and the women who seek their services reveal the impact of socio-economic factors, local and state imposed legal restrictions, inadequate access to care and an atmosphere of harassment and violence.

First person reports from doctors and the women they serve, supportive counselors, pro-choice religious leaders, and others poignantly show how "legal" does not necessarily mean "accessible". The FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE takes an unflinching look at where abortion services are now, 40 years after Roe v. Wade.


Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Producer: Beth Seltzer
Executive Producer: Danny McGuire
Camera: Daniel Meyers and Blake McHugh
Production Team: Kristin Atwell, Mika Buser-Ferris, Danielle Renfrew Behrens
Editor: Nila Bogue
Music: Erika Luckett
Produced with KTEH-TV (PBS)

Spanish Version

La Frágil promesa del Derecho de Elección (con subtítulos en español)