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  How to contact Cable Access stations


  • How do you find your local Cable Access station?

  • -The phone book
    -Talking with the local commercial cable company
    -The Internet - The Alliance for Community Media lists contact information for every Cable Access station in the country (1,000+), state by state, at: .
    -If you cannot find information locally or through the Internet, someone from Concentric Media will send information to you by e-mail or fax (contact information below).
  • Introduce the program(s).

  • To present a program to Cable Access, call the station, and tell them that you have three individual documentaries to submit for playback, to be played alone or as a series. Station guidelines for obtaining TV airtime vary (based on local franchise contracts), but be aware that every Cable Access TV station must broadcast any program submitted by a member of that community.
  • Deliver the tape(s).

  • Mail or hand carry a tape to the station. You will need to ask about:
      The station's guidelines to obtain local television airtime Series scheduling deadlines, will the station accept 1/2" VHS copy or require 3/4" or S-VHS for broadcast? 
    We already have 1/2" VHS tapes. We can produce S-VHS or 3/4" tapes. Contact us at and we will supply you or them with proper tape(s). You will usually be asked to sign a "playback request form." With the tapes, we will include a letter which will answer any questions on the requisition form. Refer to the letter which we send you for answers to the questions you will be asked. 
  • Confirm the broadcasts date(s).

  • Once you know dates and times, help the station publicize the upcoming broadcasts. Call/fax other interested organizations, and let them know about this opportunity to raise awareness and build their membership bases! (Also see How to Contact the Press for more suggestions.)  Be sure to let someone on staff at Concentric Media know if you schedule a Cable Access broadcast. We will be coordinating information about hundreds of broadcasts nationwide.
  • Organize pre-broadcast or post-broadcast on-air discussions.

  • Consider utilizing this broadcast as an opportunity for your organization or you as an individual to put together an on-air discussion in conjunction with the broadcast. You might invite historians, social workers, clergy, medical staff, volunteers who work in the clinics, etc. Discuss this possibility with a staffer at your Cable Access station. 
  • Make arrangements to pick up tapes thirty days after the broadcasts.
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