Whirling Dervishes painting, artist  unknown   Selections from OPEN SECRET and other sources
audio tape (45 min.)

Producer: Dorothy Fadiman
Assistant Producer: Sharon Bergeron
Translation: Coleman Barks, John Moyne
Music: Flute - Jan Lovett-Keen
Violin - Shams Kairys
Tamboura - Grant Rudolph
Recording Engineer - Bruce Kaphan
Mix Consultant - Michael Callahan

    OPEN SECRET: The poems of the 13th Century Sufi Master Rumi, the original Whirling Dervish, read by Dorothy Fadiman in collaboration with the translator of this poetry, Coleman Barks. Live music performed on flute, violin, and tamboura is interwoven with the readings. Vocal and musical score produced by Dorothy Fadiman.

These fresh translations of Rumi, alternatively presented in the male and female modes, blend the longing and clarity, the wild humor and the discipline, the drunkenness and sobriety of Rumi's poetry into one Friendship. The deepest mystery in Rumi's work is the intimate, though elusive YOU, beloved reminder of God's presence in everything.

These translations are drawn from two books of Rumi's poetry, OPEN SECRET (Threshhold Books), and WE ARE THREE (Maypop Books).

The Life of Rumi

Jalaluddin Rumi was born in Afghanistan (1207) to a family of scholars and theologians. They fled the Mongul invasions, settling in Turkey, where Rumi succeeded his father as head of the Sufi dervish learning community. The direction of his life changed dramatically when he met Shams of Tabriz, the man who became his intimate friend and inspiration. With Shams, he discovered the "Inner Friend," a way of being with God in companionship. Out of Rumi's relationship with Shams, out of his love-joy-longing, came the poetry, the turning (Rumi became the original "Whirling Dervish") and the surrender that continues to ignite and unite lives. When Rumi died in 1273, devotees of many faiths came to his funeral. He consciously worked to dissolve the barriers between religious creeds. "I go to the Church, the Synagogue and the Mosque...I see only one altar." He continues to be rediscovered by sympathetic souls from every culture.



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