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  How to organize small group screenings and home viewings

A "home viewing" is a gathering, sponsored by an organization, a small group of friends or an individual, at which friends and/or neighbors assemble at someone's house or other small venue to see the video(s), whether broadcast on television or shown on a video player. Following the screening, there is time to discuss responses, exchange ideas, learn more about the subject and have a chance to select and take home printed materials. 

A suggested timetable for inviting people to the event and getting the word out


  • If there is a broadcast scheduled, confirm time, date and channel. 

  • If there is no broadcast, the documentary trilogy is available for purchase, at a special price to organizations supporting women's rights and to individuals for $69 for a complete set of all three programs. Order copies of the videos you would like to show by calling 1-800-253-7678 for credit card orders, or to pay by check, e-mail

  • Notify people of the date and place of the gathering. 

  • If you are mailing invitations (a three-fold flyer master copy is included in the GRAPHICS KIT).  Be sure your mailing is out at least three weeks before the event. 

  • If you plan to invite a member of the press, fax or mail a press release about the video and an invitation to your event. 

  • If you are showing the video in a classroom or at an organizational meeting, announce the subject ahead of time so that members/students will have a chance to talk to family members and close friends about the subject.  Encourage them to ask for opinions and stories from those who may remember the times when abortion was illegal, as well as those who work or volunteer at a clinic now. 
Note: If you are inviting guests by written invitation, remember to make follow-up calls to ensure greater participation.

These next two suggestions will only be relevant if you are using a large space. 

  • Put up posters and/or send flyers to local grassroots groups and community services, women's clinics and chapters of national organizations. Also contact pro-choice religious denominations such as the Unitarian Church, the United Methodists, Reformed and some Conservative Jewish groups, and special interest groups of many other faiths such as Presbyterians and Episcopalians and Catholics for a Free Choice. Add time and location to the master flyers provided in the GRAPHICS KIT. 

  • Send several flyers to each of these departments on the campuses of your local colleges and universities. Possible classes in which these videos may be of interest include: Women's Studies, Public Health, Social Studies, Law, Political Science, Ethics, History, Criminal Justice, Film & Video. 



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