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MOMENT by MOMENT: The Healing Journey of Molly Hale


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Dorothy's Making of

Molly and I were both parents at the same elementary school. She and her husband, Jeramy, were a very athletic couple.  They hiked, they skied, and they both had black belts in the martial art AIKIDO. It was devastating when we heard that Molly was almost killed in a rollover automobile accident. Molly’s positive attitude from the first day in the hospital inspired her entire community.   She was told she’d never move again, voluntarily, from the shoulders down. She decided that that was not true, and she proved it not to be.  At first, this film was going to focus on Molly’s holistic healing journey. But, while I was interviewing Molly, Jeramy would sometimes add a comment that captured my attention. I then interviewed him also which added greatly to the story. When I listened to what he was saying, I realized that, like so many caregivers, he had remained in the shadows. The film follows the ways they and their community collaborate in an inspiring story of hard work, hope and affection.

Goals of this Film

• To raise awareness about the challenges of spinal cord injury
• To inspire people with physical disabilities about meeting their challenges
• To educate students who are training in a range of therapies: physical therapy, chiropractic work, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, and more.


A wide range of additional information, including excellent resources for therapies can be found on Molly and Jeramy's website:

Website resources page:


"This film is a valuable resource for anyone who serves or cares about people who are aging or those who have any form of disability."
“Thank you for this film!!! It holds so many messages of hope and change and possibility.”
“This moving documentary is full of hope for people who have suffered with SCI (Spinal Cord Injury).  Molly is a strong woman and example for anyone. … her story is certainly  inspiring to a lot of other people. “


MOMENT by MOMENT is the story of a determined woman’s physical and psychological recovery from a severe spinal cord injury following a dramatic automobile accident. Medical professionals told Molly Hale that there was little hope of recovery of movement. Defying that prediction, she worked together with her husband and her community toward a remarkable rehabilitation and return of function. Molly's is an inspiring story of disabilities, health and healing, attitude and choice, sex and intimacy and relationships. It is also a story about Molly’s partner and friends whose love and care continue to be essential to her ongoing recovery.


Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Co-Producers: Dorothy Fadiman, Anilise T. Hyllmon
Associate Producer: Katherine E Peterson
Editor: Matt Luotto
Videographers: Michael Carrier, Steve Michelson, Cotton Coulson
Music: Peter Girard
Still Images: Sisse Brimberg


Full script for MOMENT BY MOMENT - pdf or Word doc


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