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Seniors Celebrate Healthy Lifestyles


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Dorothy's Making of

Several years ago I reconnected with a friend who I knew I was 18 and he was 21. Seeing him again after 50 years, what struck me was how energetic and athletic he was for a man in his 70’s. He told me about his passion for Senior Games, a series of sporting competitions held in communities throughout the country. I began to explore that world and was inspired to document “a day in the life” of a senior athlete. That exploration became SHATTERING the MYTH of AGING.


• Hold fundraising events for seniors or any gathering related to athletics (We give you full permission to sell our DVDs at a profit to benefit your organization)

• Arrange screenings and discussions for older adults and/or caregivers

• Give to your local Cable Access station (This DVD holds a Creative Commons License that allows unlimited free broadcasts - seems like we should say this for every film in some way...)

• Inspire seniors to become more physically active


SHATTERING the MYTH of AGING celebrates seniors who participate in a full range of athletic activities. The impressive result is that these men and women become stronger and more active, rather than less, as the years go by. The story follows a man in his 70s, who has won more than 200 Senior Games medals. We watch as he and other seniors discover that, with attention, their bodies continue to learn new skills.


Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Production team: Keith Parish/Dorothy Fadiman/Matthew Luotto
Videographer/Editor: Keith Parish
Parish Digital
Additional Editing: Matthew Luotto


Full script for SHATTERING THE MYTH - pdf or Word doc

Past Screening Events

Jan 31, 2016 Mitchell Community Center, Palo Alto, CA
Click here to see the flyer

FREE Film Screening Event: Perspectives in Aging
Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill), PA, 6:30-8pm, Sat Dec 7, 2013

Premiere Screening Event: Bay Area Senior Games
Stanford University, April 2010

Comments from Senior Athletes

"SHATTERING the MYTH of AGING lets you share in the feelings of doubt, determination, fatigue and joy that senior athletes experience as they train and compete. It re-affirms the potential in all of us." JOHN GUISLIN (swimming)

"Amazing 8 minutes that show 'where there is a will, there is a way', where age is just a number and "I can't" is not an option. I am swimmer and my times today are better than ever as I try harder to achieve what I could never do in my earlier years. I just broke the world record in 200 fly for my 65/69 age group." DANIELA BARNEA (swimming)

"Inspiring, touching, fun, revitalizing - Shows that healthy aging is a way of life!" BRI LARRIMORE (cycling & walking)

"Beauty of all ages in action. Honoring older people like we honor younger people. Short ... but to the point. Very powerful images that I could relate to - made me cry and gave me goose bumps." KRISTI BREISCH (tennis, yoga, swimming and skiing)

"Heart-wrenching look at the possibilities still available for persons of ANY age. People always talk about what you can NO LONGER do after a certain age....refreshing to see what you CAN do!" OLIVIA PRÉVOST (cycling & running)

"You have captured an important essence of why we athletic seniors love organized sports. Your film will help spread the word to everyone. Great - may it see many audiences!" ANONYMOUS

"Joyful and totally inspiring! You captured a perfect glimpse into the heart of an older champion. Well done! Truly a work of love. Thank you." PAULINE JONES (fencing)

"This is an important message to get to the world: of having fun with others all your life!" BARBARA HIGGINS (fencing)

"The presence and determination of personal heart reinforces my zest for life through these images." DUKE SANWORN PAULIGER (cycling)

"An inspiring story about a good man finding a new life, new friends, new health and new joy in living." KATHLEEN E. KENNEDY (swimming)

"What stuck with me was "aging comes from inactivity." This is soo true! We all have so much more potential in our bodies and our spirits - Our minds need to be inspired by that potential." LOLLY FONT (yoga)

"As I head towards the sixth decade - this film today gives me great hope and prospects and inspiration. Thank you!" RICHARD NEWTON (equestrian)